Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Working with KIDS

 Working with KIDS

I appreciate the guest post, Rodrigo Coffey

I love working with kids but boy is it a labor of love. It takes me forever each day to wind down after dealing with the little ones all the time and you know, although I love them I really wish it was easier to decompress with a schedule like this one. I know of a few people who do what I do that somehow have time to go home to their families and watch East Elmhurts tv at the end of the night but not me – I don’t even have time to think about finding a boyfriend! There’s something to be said for loving what you do but you know, at the end of the day there are some things about this job that I would change. The pressure is great and you know, I really have a hard time understanding what’s going on – there’s something to be said for not having all your free time eaten up by work! I love being part of a group but this group is pretty exhausting.

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